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Willsame Co., Ltd. will create new technologies by providing value chains, R & D based on intellectual property and data strategies, M & A strategies, and alliance strategies for science and technology that will change the world and create new industries when completed. Support the creation of industry.







[Role of this corporation]

There is a need to connect existing businesses to industrial implementation with researchers necessary to quickly implement technologies sufficient to create new industries in society.

・ It is necessary to clarify the process leading up to social implementation by designing value chains inside and outside the company to enable social implementation of new technologies, not just startup and collaboration between large companies. increase.

・ It is also necessary to promote the social implementation of new technologies by holding a vertical consortium that gathers players who are needed on the value chain rather than a horizontal community of peers.

-Furthermore, the realization of a sustainable society such as SDGs is limited to the abstract idea of ​​CSR in Japan, and only ad hoc ESG investment measures are taken. We must sort out and provide support for specific issues for industrialization, mainly in the fields of health and medical care, environmental materials, energy, and agricultural foods.

The purpose is to contribute to the industrialization using new science and technology and the transformation of society by using science and technology. In terms of social implementation, there are not always enough specialized organizations in Japan. We do not accept the majority of opinions, but work with various stakeholders, working with various stakeholders such as universities, research institutes, large corporations, startups, financial institutions, VCs, PE funds, and politics. We will make an effort to revitalize Japan from the aspect of social implementation of science and technology.